Vocal feature in PARIS documentary

Okay – so I did get a prize in the inter-school French speaking competition in Grade 8 for reciting a poem called “Mon Petit Chat Gris”, but who would have thought that more than 20 years, I mean, a few years later I would be singing two songs in French for a documentary made in Paris about the city itself. Not me! Of course I love Paris, and really, who doesn’t. It’s a total privelege to be included in the audio for the film. The first track was recorded by myself and Tnee when we were in Paris in 2009 and the second track was recorded by Nathan Seiler here in Brisbane in 2011 while we spent hours on Skype with the producers in Paris. Modern technology eh? Aint it grand. Here’s a few snippets to feast on if you like French … and be warned, you might not recognise my voice in one of these tracks, but hey, I’m a singer of all styles (don’t pigeon hole me) I can sing rousing music too!!!

Click on the image above to listen to the songs.