The Premier, Ella on stage and Season’s greetings!

Merry Christmas to all!

It was my pleasure to be involved once again in the Hon Premier Anna Bligh’s Christmas Concerts this year. We travelled to Toowoomba and Cairns for the concerts which played to full houses. The show featured music, dance, poetry and choirs and I also got to feature my dad, Alan Western, who joined me for some beautiful duets and Christmas carols. Tnee (keys) also kept the band cooking with Steve Powell (drums) back from Japan and the ever faithful Jeremy O’Connor (double bass) keeping the groove strong. They were beautiful concerts and really got the spirit of Christmas going for us.

I rashly decided to take Ella on stage at the end of the concert in Toowoomba which drew a big clucky ‘oooh’ from the audience, followed quickly by a gasp as my perfect child spewed in front of Premier Anna Bligh and the 450+ strong crowd. I made a glib comment about her giving them all a “little present … your own white Christmas” at which point Ella responded with a gush of more spew all over the www. This time it was a fairly hearty laugh that ensued as i leaned down in my bejeweled gown to mop up the white puddle – ahh joy – that will be a good 21st story. I’ve gotta say though, it was the most enjoyable part of the concert to have her with me and generated a genuine engagement from the audience, you could literally feel the atmosphere become warmer – nothing like a bubba to bring the barriers down.

I took her on stage again in Cairns and this time the response was the same … although she did hold back on the spit up section … which is good considering the Premier wanted a cuddle!