After the Floods

A strong flood recovery effort has done the hard yards and life is somewhat back to normal for most of us, though quite a few are still doing it a bit tough. Our thoughts are with them. Our beloved Brisbane Jazz Club (situated right on the bank of the Brisbane river) experienced quite an extraordinary outpouring of generosity in the lead up to the flood and in the subsequent cleanup the clubhouse has been polished up to be even better than before. I was honoured to perform as guest vocalist for the first gig back at the club on April 8 and also attended the Gala re-opening on May 7 which was a fabulous celebration with Premier Anna Bligh and Councillor Geraldine Knapp attending for state and local governments. Our performance on Easter Sunday morning was also a great success and truly, the club has never looked better. Hats off to all involved.

The Queensland Government are celebrating Queensland week in a big way this year since so many people have experienced challenges from the flood disaster. I’m honoured to be singing for the Heroes Ceremony at Suncorp Piazza on Sunday 12 June where thousands of heroes will be recognised by state and federal government leaders. It’s sure to be a really special event.