CD manufacture is underway!


It’s been a while in the making, but the tunes have now been mixed and mastered, the CDs are being pressed and we’re gearing up for a great launch next week. Together with Producer Nathan Seiler and Mix Engineer Jake Walsh, we’ve put the finishing touches on “Stepping Stone” and it’s nearly ready to go out into the world. With beautiful photography by Simon Woods and stunning artwork by Michelle Secis the EP has come up really well and I’m proud (and slightly nervous, it has to be said!!) of this first step into a new world of contemporary music.

The launch gig at the Brisbane Jazz Club (Thursday 2 September 7pm-9pm) will feature the wonderful band who I wrote, arranged and recorded with: Paul Murray – guitar, Ross Comerford – keys, Jeremy O’Connor – electric bass, Scott Nosworthy – drums + special guests including Tnee – piano, Euan Gray – Sax, Darren Skaar – trumpet. The gig will also start with a support set by some wonderfully talented young musicians who recently wowed a packed house at the Talkin Jazz Showcase. Among them are some wonderful young singers including Anna Levy, Jane Bull and Madeleine Luke who, at ages 15-18, are really something to look out for!

Our launch set will feature all the 6 songs from the EP plus some fun funk/jazz covers. It would be great to see you there for one of my last shows before welcoming our new family member to the world. At 35 weeks pregnant I may not look quite like I do in the EP pics … but the sound is what matters most and I’ve still got that!