VooVoo’s Party Planner

Planning VooVoo’s birthday has been no mean feat – that girl has travelled all over the world and is a stickler for what is trendy and what is tres passe! It’s not every day Daddy’s little girl turns 21, so we’ve enlisted the help of the enchanting Headmistress Chrissy Keepence from The Lindy Charm School for Girls, and our very own part-time amateur party planner and gift wrap enthusiast Lady Earl Grais to guide you through hosting the perfectly raucous party!


Eat, Drink and Be Merry Check out our food and drink suggestions.


Dress to Impress While it is true that one is never be fully dressed without a smile, it doesn’t hurt to step out looking quite the dapper flapper rather than dreary and weary! Sequins, pearls and feathers (oh my!) – follow our handy tips and you’ll be stepping out with your baby in the highest of fashions.


In the Golden Era of hot jazz and high stakes debauchery, glitz and glam were well and truly in style for those who could afford it.

Ladies, cinched waists and corsets are too stuffy! Grandmama still wore hers but those in the know would do away with the Devil’s Garment and frock up in loose, silky gowns with dropped waists and open backs. Adorn yourself with beads, furs and a stunning cloche hat – but remember a lady never forgets her gloves! The life of the party was of course the truly eccentric aristocrat. This globe trotting avant-garde can be seen draped in sensuous silken shawls in a myriad of prints and colours, dripping in talismans and tokens from far away lands and is never without her plumage of exotic feathers.

With your hair in perfectly lacquered finger waves pulled into a chignon, pair a bold eye with an even bolder lip in deep plums and crimson reds. The ingenue socialite shapes her brows pencil thin and maintains her youthful flush with a dabble of rouge to the very apples of her cheeks.



A Gentleman is never seen out of his three piece suit – four piece if you count the hat! Those with a keen eye for detail know to accessorise with braces, a bow tie (or silken neck tie) and a cane. A gentleman in a tuxedo never wears a hat, but the man strolling about town in his woollen three piece cannot go wrong with a flat cap, trilby or straw pork pie hat perched atop his head. Smarten up your ensemble with a pocket square or carnation button hole as the dandy gent is never seen socially without an accessorised lapel. Finish the look with oxfords or brogues in contrasting colours.


The gentleman is always meticulously groomed with his hair parted sharply in the centre or to the side, slicked with pomade to hold his natural waves in place. With the invention of a new safety razor by Gilette, the fashionable man maintained a clean shaven cheek and jaw unless a cheeky lothario wished to emulate the noted Hollywood heartthrob Ramon Novarro and his pencil moustache.


 For more styling tips and tricks, including a step by step make up guide and more photos, Headmistress Chrissy is waiting for you over in her Twenties Schoolroom!