Workshops and Community Engagement

When we visit you we can tailor unique workshop experiences to engage the diverse groups within your community from inspiring new parents to sing with their babies to improvisation for high school students to masterclasses for your local performers.

Community workshops can include:

  • Group singing
  • Musical theatre
  • Music improvisation
  • Song & story for babies
  • Puppetry

The cost for workshops can range from $100 for a short, information session for a small group right up to $1000 for a full day’s workshop for several classes at a school. In some instances we can negotiate a free session for very remote or under priveleged communities. Simply talk to us to see what might be possible.

Community engagement can include:

  • Characters Barbara and Barry or Lissa and Nee Nee can visit a local pub or shopping centre and interact with the locals.
  • They could even pay a visit to a local landmark for a media pic opportunity.
  • They could set up their mobile booth in any location for a bit of ‘on the ground’ meet and greet with local punters.