Sasha Rose

Our little Sasha Rose was born in the beautiful RBWH Birth Centre with the same midwives who delivered our daughter Ella Abigail!

We were super lucky to have a wonderful birth and all hail the phenomenal midwives who helped us through with gentle care, wisdom and grace. We have really enjoyed both of the girls’ births (yes, you read that correctly, I enjoyed it) and I truly wish for all other mothers, fathers and babies the kind of experience we had with the Birth Centre continuity of care model. Positive birth stories sometimes get sidelined by not-so-positive birth stories, so I want to get the message out there that while we are lucky to have access to medical intervention where necessary, the majority of births can be wonderful, natural, empowering, non-medical experiences. You can become a Friend of the Birth Centre by visiting their website here. Rant complete!

Leesa Perry, our incredibly talented photographer friend, took some pics when Sasha was only 12 days old. Check out Leesa’s work by clicking on the images … she is an amazing artist … and we think Sasha is a pretty good model too!