EP Recording @ Oasis

EP Recording

From May 10-12 I headed down to the beautiful surrounds of Tallebudgera with seven musicians, two sound engineers, a producer and a catering crew (aka Mum and Dad!). We recorded at the amazing Recording Oasis and being able to stay down there in the band house meant the whole team was really concentrated and focussed.

This is my first studio recording and boy, was it an experience. Being so used to ‘live’ performance where everything happens in the moment and on the spot (after careful preparation of course) it was pretty wild to take each of those elements and unpack it layer by layer. Of course it wasn’t all hard work and there were some shenanigans. If you’d like to see bass player Jeremy O’Connor trying to make it, fully clothed, across the pool on the flying fox … you’ll have to wait until my next email installment! Suffice to say we did have to wait a while to re-commence recording after that incident!

We managed to record six songs for the EP. Stay tuned for more information on when the EP will be launched.