Melissa Western singer actor


Melissa Western is a Brisbane-based performing artist. Current performance projects include Barbara & Barry, The Roaring Twenties, Oh Lady Be Good, Tnee & Melissa Duo, Lissa and Nee Nee and top jazz and cabaret outfits. As a singer-actor she has performed in festivals and venues around the world, received countless 5 star reviews for her original shows and is regularly booked by high profile corporate clients including the Office of the Prime Minister and the Queensland’s Premier’s Department.

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Oh Lady Be Good was again a smash hit at the Anywhere Festival and Brisbane City Hall in 2017. The show will feature in Festival 2018 in Townsville.                    > read more


A brand new cabaret is in the works! Stay tuned for its debut performance in April 2018.         >read more


After a year in the UK, Melissa Western returned to Queensland soil with a hot new cabaret set in 1920s Australia! Featuring the music of the Roaring Twenties with a live band, special guests and more, this was one raucous party not to be missed!                                                 > read more




Melissa was awarded a prestigious Churchill Fellowship to pursue her passion for improvised music theatre. In July 2015 she travelled to the UK to embark on an extended sabbatical training with companies including The Showstoppers, Baby Wants Candy, The Maydays and Open Your Mouth and Sing.

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Playing the character of Barbara opposite her real life partner Tnee (who plays Barry) has never been more fun! Following an extensive Queensland tour, the jazz-comedy team have been hosting cabarets and events in the UK and Australia, getting to know lots of other crazy characters. Their 2015 season of Sweet, Sour & Saucy at the Judith Wright Centre was nominated for three Matilda Awards, including Best Female Actor in a Leading Role and won Del Arte chart favourites for Leading Female Performer and Favourite Musical.

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