The Roaring Twenties – Technical Specs

Show Summary

VooVoo, a bubbly heiress in 1920s Australia, is turning 21 and throwing the party of the year to celebrate. Performed by the multi-talented Melissa Western and her hot four piece band, The Roaring Twenties is a gorgeous, immersive cabaret-style production featuring an authentic twenties sound with an Australian finish. With plenty of opportunities for community engagement, the show has been designed to incorporate and promote talented locals from every corner of the tour to really make this night an unforgettable event for your community.

Length of Show

The Roaring Twenties is a flexible, interactive event. We encourage venues to make a night of the production with dress up stations, catering and card tables, so our show has a fully customisable three section format with any section available for omission to suit the needs of the venue and the event.

The Arrival: Our band will play 1920s music while Melissa welcomes guests in character as VooVoo. According to each venue, guests will be encouraged to have fun with agreed community engagement activities. We suggest dress-up stations and photobooths, food and drinks, and card tables. This is a great opportunity to feature local performers on our podium stage. Duration: Between 15-45 minutes.

The Party Concert: A cabaret concert following the storyline of VooVoo’s 21st birthday party will be performed. Duration: Approx. 5o minutes.

The After Party: Recorded music dance set where our cast and musicians will mingle with guests. A perfect time for the serving of food and drinks, Best Dressed awards and community raffles. We have an engagement kit packed full of ideas for your perusal! Duration: Anywhere between 15-45 minutes.


Melissa Western – vocals, various instruments, actor
Tnee Dyer – keyboard x 2, acoustic guitar, trumpet, vocals, actor
Greg Gottlieb (MD) – acoustic double bass
Steve Powell – drummer with full drum kit
Shenten Gregory – violin


r20s-layoutSpace Required

We require a minimum floor space of 4.5m wide x 3m deep, with a 2m head height. The floor space must be solid, with the ability to stage our musicians flat on the floor. We will provide all set pieces and dressing.If available a dressing room is preferable, with five chairs and two mirrors. Click on the thumbnail to see our simple layout.

Technical Equipment

We tour with our own equipment, but can use in-house sound and lighting equipment and supplement with our equipment as necessary if provided with an in-house technician.

In our on board sound kit, we have:

-2 x Bose towers
-2 x QSC K8 1000watt speakers
-1 x QSC K10 1000watt speaker
-Berringer X-Air digital mixer
-2 x wireless Shure headset mics
-4 x corded Shure microphones on stands
-1 x bass amp

In our on board lighting kit, we have:

– Festoon led lighting strung over audience
– 6 x Lightcraft Quadpars
– 2 x lighting trees
– 2 led strip lights
– 1 x LED follow spot